Dear past COSD-workshop attendees,

Hello everyone,
I'm very happy to announce that the 10th Comparative Ocular Surface Diseases workshop (COSD-workshop) will be held from Feb 27th to Mar 1st,2019, at Niseko northan resort Annupuri in Hokkaido JAPAN. The guest speaker is Dr.David Maggs from UC Davis !! He is one of the greatest researchers and clinicians on ocular surface diseases in the world, willing to share the knowledge with us. He has been helping us with this workshop since we launched it.

He joined the first workshop 4 years ago and many times in ACVO. I'm very looking forward to his lecture and discussion with him (and you!). Registration will be accepted in this October. We will update the information on the website(, facebook and email. Please check them. I hope this workshop to be of any help to you and the world of veterinary ophthalmology. See you in Niseko.

Akihiko Saito (Director of Triangle Animal Eye Clinic )

みなさんこんにちは。来年2019年の2月27日から3月1日にかけて、 10回目となるComparative Ocular Surface Diseases workshop(以下COSD-workshop)をニセコノーザンリゾートアンヌプリで開催することが決定いたしました。 10回目となる今回のゲストスピーカーは、第1回目以来となる、UC DavisのDavid Maggs先生をお呼びいたしました。 Maggs先生は獣医眼科領域における角膜疾患の第一人者であり、研究もさることながら、クリニカルな知見も豊富にお持ちです。 COSD-workshopのポリシーにご賛同頂き、私と共に会の立ち上げをし、ACVOでの開催にも力を貸してくださっています。

レジストレーションは10月からを予定しています。詳細は随時、ホームページfacebookサイト、メールでお知らせいたします。 ご予定空けておいて頂けると幸いです。会場が遠くにあり、移動に時間がかかりますが、自然に囲まれた中で集中して行うこのworkshopが、 これからのOcular Surfaceの世界をさらに盛り上げていく足がかりになると信じています。 皆様のご参加お待ちしております。

齋藤陽彦(トライアングル動物眼科診療室 院長)

What is the Comparative Ocular Surface Disease
Workshop (COSDW)?

The ocular surface system is a new concept that views the corneal and conjunctival epithelia and the tear film as a functionally continuous unit. Through the blinking of eyelids, tear moisture, nutrients, mucins, and lipids form a thin film over the conjunctival and corneal epithelia. The ocular surface system is essential for ocular surface homeostasis. Although differences in tear components among dogs, cats and humans are not largely understood, my long years of clinical experience tell me that incomplete blinking is fairly common in dogs and that it can cause tear film instability, which results in epithelial damage and delayed healing. In human medicine, this condition is called dry eye disease, which manifests primarily as discomfort and vision disturbance. In dogs, these symptoms are more difficult to discern and, therefore, rarely the chief complaints. However, the condition should still be recognized and treated as dry eye. Severe corneal diseases, such as ulcerative keratitis, and non-inflammatory keratopathies that are frequently encountered in everyday practice are likely the sequelae of or at least exacerbated by this condition. The purpose of this year’s Comparative Ocular Surface Disease Workshop is to facilitate discussion and international consensus on the definition and diagnostic criteria for dry eye in veterinary ophthalmology.

Akihiko Saito (Triangle Animal Eye Clinic) and David J Maggs (UC Davis)


Feb 27 Wed. – March 1 Fri. 2019


Niseko Northern Resort An'nupuri

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Niseko Northern Resort An'nupuri


480-1 Aza Niseko, Niseko cho, Abuta gun, Hokkaido
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